Paja Jovanovic (Serbian painter) 1859 – 1957Соколар (The Falconer), s.d.oil on panel45 x 30 cm. (17.7 x 11.8 in.)signed ‘P. Joanowits’ lower rightprivate collection© photo unknown 帕亚-约万诺维奇(塞尔维亚画家)1859-1957年Соколар (The Falconer), s.d. 猎鹰人油彩、面板45 x 30 cm. (17.7 x 11.8 in.)右下角有签名 “P. 右下角有签名 Read more ›


“Road in the Forest”,1918, by Julius Sergius Von Klever ( 1850-1924, Russian Painter) “森林中的道路”,1918年,朱利叶斯-谢尔盖斯-冯-克莱弗(1850-1924,俄罗斯画家)的作品


Albert Lynch (Peruvian painter) 1860 – 1950L’heure du Thé (Tea Time), s.d.oil on canvas39 x 43¼ in. (99 x 110 cm.)signed ‘Albert Lynch’ (lower right)private collection 阿尔伯特-林奇L’heure du Thé (Tea Time), s.d.油画、布面39 x 43¼ 英寸(99 x 110 厘米)。簽名 “Albert Lynch”(右下)。私人收藏


Tom Lovell (American painter) 1909 – 1997No Room at the Inn, 1996oil on canvas86.36 x 66.04 cm. (34 x 26 in.)signed and dated ‘Tom Lovell CA © 1996’ (lower left), signed again ‘Tom Lovell’ and titled (on labels affixed to Read more ›


Stanhope Alexander Forbes (British painter) 1857 – 1947The Quarry Team, 1894oil on canvas152.5 cm. (60 x 96 in.)signed and dated l.r.: Stanhope A Forbes/1894private collection© photo Sotheby’sCatalogue Note Sotheby’s 斯坦霍普-亚历山大-福布斯(英国画家) 1857-1947年采石队,1894年油画152.5 cm. (60 x 96 in.)签名和日期 l.r: Stanhope A Forbes/1894私人收藏苏富比目录说明 Read more ›


Daniel Ridgway Knight (American painter) 1839 – 1924Poppies, s.d.oil on canvas laid down on masonite82.6 x 66.7 cm. (32.5 x 26.25 in.)signed Ridgway Knight and inscribed Paris (lower left)private collection© photo Sotheby’sCatalogue Note Sotheby’s 丹尼尔-里奇韦-奈特(美国画家)1839年-1924年罂粟花, s.d.油画、布面、砖石82.6 x 66.7 厘米。(32.5 x Read more ›


Norman Rockwell (American painter and illustrator) 1894 – 1978Scouts of Many Trails (study), ca. 1937oil on board101.6 x 72.39 cm. (40 x 28.5 in.)signed ‘Norman / Rockwell’ (lower right)private collection© photo BonhamsLife, August 12, 1920, cover illustration.Catalogue Note Bonhams 诺曼・洛克威尔多路军(研究),约1937年。船载油101.6 Read more ›


Het Sint Nicolaasfeest (The Feast of St. Nicholas), ca. 1665oil on canvas82 x 70.5 cm. (32.3 x 27.8 in.)Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands 扬-斯丹圣尼古拉节,约1665年。油画82 x 70.5 厘米。(32.3 x 27.8 in.)荷兰阿姆斯特丹艾克斯博物馆。