Gerda Wegener

Gerda Wegener
(1886-1940) Copenhague, Dinamarca 丹麦,哥本哈根
The Pleasures of Eros, 1917

Obviously, most of you have never seen the movie “The Danish Girl” or know the story. The artist here was the wife of Lili Elbe, the man who was one of the first who, in the 1920s, transitioned to a woman (played by Eddie Redmayne). Here is a self-portrait

显然,你们中的大多数人都没有看过电影《丹麦女孩》,也不知道这个故事。这里的艺术家是Lili Elbe的妻子,他是20世纪20年代第一批转型为女性的人之一(埃迪-雷德梅恩饰)。这里是一幅自画像。

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